While this doesn't seem like such a reasonable question, believe it or not, it's actually one worth asking. That's because the Volvo S60's battery is located in the trunk of the small sedan. To find it, pop the trunk and fold up the floor hatch. You'll find it resting snuggly next to the spare tire, which is something very few other vehicles do.

If you're the type that likes to DIY everything, changing out your battery is a relatively painless process. You'll need a 13mm socket wrench to remove the three screws that are holding the metal bracket that keeps the battery in place.

After removing the bracket, take off the plastic cover and pull out the drain hose that's located on the right-hand side of the battery. You'll need a 10mm socket wrench to loosen the positive and negative terminals; once you do that remove them from the battery. There will be another bracket holding the battery in place, so use a 13mm to unscrew it, and then you can remove and change the battery.

So next time you get the itch to do it yourself, don't forget these simple steps. Otherwise, our factory-certified technicians are happy to service your Volvo vehicle at any time.

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