Explore The Line Of Volvo Plug-In Hybrids and EVs In Coconut Creek

 We know that you are interested in the Volvo brand because you are looking for more than just transportation. Gunther Volvo is proud to offer you the next step in Volvo innovation with our PHEV and EV sedans and SUVs, including the V60 wagon, S60, S90, XC60, XC90, and fully electric XC40. All of these thoughtfully created vehicles are part of Volvo's mission to see 50% of sales go EV by 20205. We invite you to explore the following aspects of hybrid and EV ownership and applaud your interest in sustainable luxury vehicles.

Volvo Plug-In Hybrid SUVs

If you are looking for the most of everything out of your Volvo, the XC60 or XC90 plug-in hybrids are excellent choices. Both vehicles have an impressive cruising range of up to 520 miles each, with nearly 20 miles being made available by the battery-only. Both models continue to enjoy AWD capability and a thrilling 415HP hybrid powertrain system. Refreshed interior amenities are at your disposal on both models without losing their legendary cargo and passenger capacity. The XC60 continues to be the vehicle of choice for smaller families on the go, whereas the XC90 allows for an available 3rd row, which can comfortably accommodate older kids, friends, and adults. Both models enjoy the same availability of features, including the popular rear-bench deployable booster-seats. You can charge either vehicle at home if required, without any special equipment.

Volvo Plug-In Hybrid Cars

When it comes time to explore the Volvo plug-in hybrid luxury sedan line-up, the S60 and the S90 are nearly identical, with primary differences when it comes to passenger accommodation. Both vehicles offer you the same 400HP hybrid powertrain that yields a 0-60 in either vehicle competitive to larger gas-guzzling V8 sports-cars. Both cars enjoy nearly 22mi of pure EV driving, and either one can be charged, at home, in a conventional power outlet. In terms of overall feel, the S60 is the smaller of the two, allowing for the most sport-oriented drive. The S90 differentiates itself by offering maximum space for rear-seat occupants. For those of you needing just a bit more out of your everyday journey, the V60 wagon is also available as a plug-in hybrid. Boasting 415HP, the V60 can rocket to 60mph in just 4.3 seconds while offering you a generous 60.5 cu.ft of cargo space and a 2000lb towing capacity.

Volvo EV Crossovers

As Volvo pushes the limits of technology with heavy investments in pioneering energy start-ups, the fully electric XC40 Recharge leads the way towards Volvo achieving climate-neutral status in harmony with the Paris Agreement. With a completely electronic powertrain, the XC40 Recharge achieves 402HP and a projected range of 200+ miles on its 78kWh battery. As spacious as its combustion engine counterpart, the Recharge offers you the same luxurious amenities and style options that you have come to expect from distinctive Scandinavian design.