Volvo Check Engine Light

 Is your Volvo Check engine light on? Don't worry; we've got your back! If your Volvo check engine light has come on, or even come on and then gone off, we'll help you understand why and what to do next.

In the old days, mechanics had to diagnose various issues through a sequence of trial and error steps. Nowadays, your sophisticated Volvo vehicle has a variety of computers that monitor all vehicle systems to eradicate any guesswork.

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If there's an issue, one or more Volvo warning lights will illuminate your Volvo dashboard, pinpointing the exact problem. It's up to you, the owner, to bring it in for service. Some issues are harmless and can be resolved at your next Genuine Volvo oil change, while others are more serious. But how do you know? Read on!

Your Volvo Check Engine Light Is Your Friend

When you see this particular Volvo service light come on, it's your vehicle alerting you to an issue that requires intervention. Typically before something more serious occurs. While there can be a variety of causes for your Volvo check engine light to come on, let's take a quick look at how an engine works, so that you can better understand what might be happening:

  • A Gas Engine: Let's say your Volvo XC60 check engine light has come on. You have either the T5 or T6 petrol engine. Power is produced by the combustion of air and fuel, which is mixed in the intake. Then that mixture is compressed and detonated in the combustion chamber. Combustion gasses are released. The process repeats over and over again. Of course, there are sensors monitoring the flow of air and fuel, their mixture, detonation, and release.

  • A Hybrid Engine: The Volvo check engine light has come on in your Volvo S60 Hybrid. Now what? You've got two engines there. A petrol engine and an electric one. In addition to the operation of the petrol engine, your electric motor is designed to enhance efficiency and is programmed to do so at the factory. If there is an issue with your electric motor, a red triangle with an exclamation mark will illuminate.

  • An EV Engine: Currently the Volvo XC40 SUV is the exclusive Volvo vehicle to offer a pure EV Recharge model. If the "check engine" light comes on, you will see a red triangle with an exclamation mark or a gear with a centralized exclamation mark. In the case of an EV, there is nothing you can do as a user other than call roadside assistance.

Regardless of which system you have in your vehicle, these lights will illuminate the moment it detects an operational fault, and that performance and/or mechanics will become compromised.

Your Volvo Check Engine Light Is on Now What?

We're going to cover some common symptoms and steps to take if your Volvo check engine light has come on. Yes, we'll even cover symptoms and steps for your EV and Hybrid models, too.

  1. Volvo check engine light on but running fine? In this case, your gas cap might be loose, not fitted, or low octane fuel was used. If your model requires 91 octane, like the Volvo XC90, improper fuelling can cause build-up or clogs over time. If this is the case, ensure proper fueling on subsequent fill-ups. Also, ensure your fuel filler cap is on and closed tightly. If either of these were the problem, your Volvo XC90 check engine light (and others) will go out on their own.

  2. Volvo check engine light on and running rough? In scenarios like this, you might even see your Volvo check engine light blink. In nearly all cases, this is related to what's known as an "over-fueling" issue, but the causes can vary. This indicates a possible issue with your mass-air meter, fuel temperature or pressure sensors, spark plugs, ignition coils, wires, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, throttle position sensor, and more. Your vehicle will stumble and hesitate with any of these issues, and driving is not recommended. Call for roadside assistance.

  3. Your EV Volvo check engine light is on. Obviously, the issue here isn't fuel-related. In general, your EV "engine lights" could point at the lithium-ion battery, battery cooling system, the power inverter, your traction motors, and even the charge port. Like a "running rough" feel in a petrol vehicle, your EV Recharge model might experience poor performance or a severely reduced driving range. In-car options might also fail, such as AC, infotainment, and more. Call roadside assistance. Only a certified Volvo EV technician can handle the required repairs. Learn everything an EV Volvo owner needs to know, here.

For the do-it-yourself drivers, petrol engine and Hybrid engine issues can be revealed through reading specific Volvo engine codes stored in the engine's computer. You will need to have an OBDII scanner of some type and feel comfortable plugging it into the socket in the driver's footwell. Let's say you drive the Volvo XC60. Your left knee is pointing to it. It is on the left-most side of the dashboard on the bottom. Other models are similar.

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We're here to make things easy. If your Volvo car needs service, let one of our specialists come to you. Login to your Volvo Valet service via the On Call app or give us a call. Here's the great news: Volvo Cars are designed to go the distance.

We own the #1 spot for the highest mileage ever recorded in a vehicle (three million miles and counting), and we make several appearances on the top-ten list. Volvo Cars are robust but not infallible. Bring her in for service, and you'll enjoy a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for that service. We're that confident in our product.

You may also be aware that Volvo Cars offers a 3-year/36k mile complimentary service package with every new vehicle. So if something occurs during your term on a Volvo XC90 lease (or any other), bring her in. Let us handle it -- at no cost to you! Your comprehensive warranty kicks in when necessary.

On a parting note, we want anyone who reads or shares this page to know that your local Volvo Cars team is there to relieve any worry. We're a network of many dealers but part of the same family. We're all focused on the same objective, and that's an incredible ownership experience across the board. Purchase a new Volvo vehicle or one of our distinctive used cars for sale. Expect world-class service and find it with Gunther and our extended Volvo Cars family.