Volvo Lease End Options In Coconut Creek, FL

Volvo Lease Return Options 

We offer flexible Volvo lease return options to our customers in Coconut Creek, FL. Our team feels that timely and friendly service is a key part of our business, which is why we work hard to process returns quickly and to get you on your way. We also know that folks' circumstances change, and you may find yourself wishing to purchase additional miles for your leased vehicle, trying to extend the overall lease, or attempting to end it early. If you're in any of those positions, reach out to us.

Our Volvo lease return policy is intentionally flexible. It allows us to work with people on a case-by-case basis instead of applying a one-size-fits-all solution to your unique set of circumstances. The rest of this page lays out some common questions folks have about their leases, our Volvo lease return options, and the answers to those queries.


Exchange Your Volvo Lease

  • You can exchange your current leased vehicle for a brand-new Volvo car
  • Browse our new Volvo inventory
  • Check out our new lease specials
  • Contact our friendly sales staff today

Extend the Duration of Your Lease

If you would like to keep driving your current leased vehicle without signing up for an entirely new agreement, we're happy to consider this. Reach out to our friendly staff about our Volvo lease return options.

Add Mileage

If you know that you're probably going to drive more than your mileage cap allows, get in touch with us. We're happy to try and help you add some miles to your lease agreement.

Purchase Your Current Volvo Vehicle

We are always happy to see folks leave our dealership in a Volvo vehicle. If you've fallen for your current ride and want to own it, then we can try and make that happen. Contact us to discuss your financing options today.

Return Your Leased Volvo Automobile

When your lease is up, and you've decided not to extend it or buy the vehicle, then it's time to return the car. When you bring your current ride back to us, we'll give it a thorough inspection and then settle your last payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a new Volvo model if I still have a year left on my current lease?

We are always happy to see folks drive off our lot in a brand-new Volvo car, whether they have purchased or leased it. If you have time left on your lease and want to switch your vehicle, call us. We'll work work closely with you to determine how to get you into a brand-new car and discuss your Volvo lease return options.

How do I end my Volvo lease early?

Lease contracts run for a set period. That said, we understand that folks' needs change, sometimes very quickly. Because of this and our dedication to customer satisfaction, we will consider your Volvo lease end options on a case-by-case basis.

How can I purchase more miles?

The mileage caps on our leasing program are fairly generous. Our whole team, however, understands that driving in Coconut Creek, FL, in a new Volvo vehicle is exciting. We're happy to help you get more miles for your leased vehicle. Contact us about this today.

Can I turn my vehicle into a non-Volvo dealer?

We do our absolute best to be flexible about our Volvo lease return process. One thing that is ironclad, however, is that you have to bring a leased Volvo car back to a Volvo dealership. The other guys, after all, don't own that car.

How do I stop ACH payments after I turn in my vehicle?

To stop automatic payments once your lease ends, reach out to your bank or other financial institution. We like to be helpful at every stage of the Volvo lease return process. However, we cannot call the bank on your behalf.

What charges may be included on the final Turn-In Settlement Invoice?

In some situations, fees may end up in your final bill. Many of these only come into effect if the original lease terms were not upheld. Some more common items are:

  • State taxes or fees
  • Wear and tear charges
  • Excess mileage fees
  • Any prior payments you've yet to make

Ask us if you have any additional questions.

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