Where Can I Find The Battery In The Volvo S60?

Wondering where the Volvo S60 battery location is? You, and just about everyone else! But have no fear; the master techs at Gunther Volvo Cars are here to help. Depending on the year of your Volvo S60, your battery might be in one of three locations. That's right. The battery moved three times on this performance luxury sedan, but we'll settle the score once and for all. Consider this guide your ultimate map to finding some buried treasure along the Gold Coast!

All About the Volvo S60 Battery

We'll dig into the location of your Volvo S60 battery in just a second. It's always best practice to observe basic safety when jumping, charging, or changing your Volvo S60 battery, regardless of its location. So before you make any repairs, wear protective eyewear, mechanic's gloves, and proper coverings so that your arms are not exposed. Why all the fuss? Battery acid and other chemicals are corrosive. And while a battery swap is generally one of the safest do-it-yourself procedures, extreme cases might result in batteries leaking or exploding. You do not want what comes out in your eyes, mouth, nose, or on your skin.

Let's get to know the Volvo S60 battery for just a second. Volvo Cars produces its own batteries so that performance and durability are assured. All three types of batteries use Volvo PowerFrame technology, including the PowerFrame Standard, Enhanced Flood, or AGM-type. Those are fancy terms for the battery's contents, and the right Volvo battery is always available for you from our Certified Volvo Parts Center. Now that we know more about the battery let's see if we can find it.

Ahoy! Ye Volvo Battery Location Ahead

As we mentioned, there are three possibilities for your Volvo S60 battery location. But did we also mention that some models have two batteries? We'll break it down nice and easy for you so that you can always find the right one.

  • 1st-Gen Volvo S60 (2001 to 2009) - If you've got one of these, then your Volvo S60 battery location is an easy one, and you've only got one to deal with. Pop the trunk. That's right, the trunk. Pull the spare tire access cover, and voila! There she is. When removing your battery, make sure not to arc the battery by accidentally laying a metal tool across the terminals.

  • 2nd-Gen Volvo S60 (2010 to 2018) - Second-generation Volvo S60 sedans equipped with stop/start technology will actually have two batteries. The primary 12-V battery, which you're most familiar with, but they'll also have a "mini-me" version of the same to power the starter generator. And for this year's range, both batteries are located in the engine compartment. The 12-V battery is directly in front of the driver's position, and the cover plate is easily located. The auxiliary battery is behind the engine, underneath the rain cowl.

  • 3rd-Gen Volvo S60 (2019 Volvo S60 battery location and onwards) - This battery makes a return to the stage with an encore performance located for one night only in the trunk. Again. Now, the new Volvo S60 still has its stop/start battery located in the engine compartment, but this time, in the exact same location as the 2nd-Gen Volvo S60.

Wondering about jump-starting your vehicle if your trunk is inaccessible? No worries. The Volvo Cars engineers have thought of everything, and you'll find jump terminals in the engine compartment. These positive terminals are located under a piece of plastic with a + sign embossed on it. Be sure to ground the jumper cables on the appropriate ground post located nearby.

At Last. Your Volvo S60 Battery Location & Other FAQs

Now that you know more about your Volvo batteries technology and location, let's talk about size for a second. Your Volvo S60 battery size is located in your owner's manual. If you do not have one, feel free to call one of our service advisors. They'll be able to look up your exact size and CCA (cold cranking amps) by year, model, and engine type. So in review:

Where is the battery in a Volvo S60?

Your Volvo S60 battery location is either in the trunk by the spare or in the engine compartment. The location depends on your year. Additionally, certain models have two Volvo batteries, so be sure to determine what battery is at fault. If you have an auxiliary stop/start battery issue, you'll have a message on the dash.

What kind of battery does a Volvo S60 use?

Volvo Cars manufactures its own batteries to ensure quality, durability, and performance at every drive cycle. There are three types of batteries for the latest generation of Volvo vehicles. Your vehicle might use a PowerFrame battery, an Enhanced Flood type battery, or an AGM battery. Your owner's manual will tell you which one is right for your particular model or feel free to call one of our service advisors.

How long does a Volvo S60 battery last?

Volvo Batteries are designed to last between two and five years. Why such a wide range of years? So much depends on your vehicle's maintenance history, current condition, driving habits, and region. Speak to an advisor about a system health check to ensure you get the longest life possible.


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