Those searching for the Volvo S60 battery location may run into a dead-end if they don't know where to look. That's why even the most determined DIY car geeks should read this post before venturing into their current Volvo Cars model. While we recommend taking your Volvo Cars sedan or SUV to an official Volvo Cars service center with experience and familiarity with Volvo vehicles, it is possible to replace this battery by yourself. Just grab a couple of common tools, and you'll be off and running.

What Do I Need To Change My Volvo S60 Battery?

So, you want to change out your Volvo S60 battery. Before you get started, make sure to grab a 13 mm socket wrench and a 10 mm socket wrench. You'll need the 13 mm socket wrench to remove the metal brackets that keep the battery in place and the 10 mm socket wrench to loosen up the battery's negative and positive terminals before removing them from the battery.

After you've gathered your tools, you'll head to the trunk of the car for the Volvo battery location. That's right; don't head under the hood for this one. This sedan's battery is located below the floor hatch and secured tightly next to the spare tire.

That location is a part of a futuristic setup within the Volvo S60 that makes this model such an alluring new vehicle for drivers that want to make every trip a first-class experience. This sophisticated sedan model is a league leader in luxury comfort, intelligent accessories with plenty of purpose, and a style that exudes character. Take hold of a sedan that grabs hold of attention wherever you pull up.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Volvo S60 Battery Location

DIY mechanics often come into our service bays with a confused look on their face if they've been searching for the Volvo S60 battery location. That's okay, because, as we explain quickly, they're not alone. Even our team was amazed to discover that's where the battery was located when we first saw this startlingly gorgeous sedan model from Volvo Cars.

Where Is the Battery in a Volvo Cars Model?

Don't go searching for the Volvo S60 T5 battery where you find the battery in most models. You'll spend the afternoon with a scrunched-up forehead and a sneaking suspicion that something is up here. Instead, open the trunk and clear any items out of the way. Beneath the floor hatch, safely secured next to your car's spare tire, is the Volvo S60 battery location.

If you're having problems with your remote start, you may need to get your battery checked out or replaced soon.

Come into our comprehensive car and car-care location today, and benefit from our team of experts. They know how to test and perform service on your Volvo battery and will have your car refreshed and recharged. They see countless examples of Volvo Cars models every year that need some type of assistance with their battery. Fortunately for those that live near a certified Volvo Cars service center, our team always has a wealth of batteries available for drivers to pick from. They're also the right people to ask about the battery location across the board in Volvo Cars models. So, if you change out an older model for a new one, make sure to ask them where your new battery is before taking off.

Need More Help With Your Volvo S60 Battery?

If you're having trouble finding the 2019 Volvo S60 battery location or need some assistance with a battery-related problem, let our technicians handle it. They're a group of seasoned professionals that know each and every one of the models on our lot like she's the back of their hand. Nothing gets past our team of service superstars, and they'll do everything they can to get you back out on the road quickly with your peace of mind intact.

Come see all that our Volvo Service technicians can do today, whether it's your battery, side door, or engine that needs a lookover from a trained eye.

They're also the right people to help with your Volvo V60 battery location.

Our team does it all because we believe our neighbors deserve it all. We've run into our own troubles on the same roads you have and know all too well how it feels to need some car help. We can't wait to welcome you into our Volvo parts department and find that one part you need more than anything else or change out your oil for efficient excellence behind the wheel.

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