Volvo XC90 Vs. Audi Q7: Luxury SUVs Compared

Volvo XC90 vs Audi Q7 Volvo XC90 vs Audi Q7

Comparing the Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 may be challenging at first glance but both luxury three-row SUVs have plenty of power and space. Both models offer versatility and comfort for the whole family. Our Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90 review will examine these SUVs' interiors, performance specs, safety features, and more to help you make the right decision for you.

Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 Interior and Technology

The 2023 Volvo XC90 is an exquisite vehicle with a spacious and upscale interior. The Volvo design team packed it with excellent features and premium materials. When you and your passengers sit in the three-row Volvo XC90, you'll be swaddled in comfort.

The 2023 Audi Q7 is also a luxury vehicle. However, when we compare Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7, we see that the Volvo vehicle wins out. Where the Audi Q7 has just single-zone climate control, the Volvo XC90 has dual-zone as a standard feature. The Volvo SUV, so far, seems to be winning the Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 battle.

The Volvo XC90 also has more intuitive technology. It features a single touch screen in the front for controlling music, navigation, and climate. It also has hard buttons that can carry out some of the same functions. The Audi Q7, by contrast, has two touch screens.

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Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 Interior and Technology
Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90 Dimensions and Cargo Space

Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90 Dimensions and Cargo Space

On the outside, the Volvo XC90 is slightly smaller than the Audi Q7 in length. This is a good thing: it'll be easier to park and maneuver on the road. The Volvo SUV is 195 inches long, while the Audi vehicle comes in at 199.3 inches. The Audi SUV is 77.6 inches wide without mirrors. The Volvo vehicle comes in at 79.1 inches, meaning it's just a little wider than the Audi Q7.

As we compare Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90, we see that the interior dimensions of the vehicles are similar. The Audi Q7 has slightly more front legroom at 41.7 inches to the Volvo XC90 SUV's 38.5 inches. In the third row, however, it tilts in the Volvo XC90 luxury vehicle's favor with 37 inches to the Audi Q7 SUV’s 29.2. We think this extra third-row space will matter more. If you're expecting to have people sit back there, they will be pleased with the extra space offered by the Volvo XC90.

In the battle of the Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7, the Volvo XC90 comes out on top. With a more comfortable and luxurious interior and better technological options, this premium three-row SUV from Volvo Cars is the way to go.

Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 Performance and Safety

The last two topics we will consider are performance and safety. The 2023 Volvo XC90 has impressive performance specs across its two available engines. The B5 AWD engine gets 247 horsepower from its turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The B6 version of the SUV gets 295 horsepower by adding a supercharger to the turbocharged engine.

The most impressive version of the Volvo SUV is, however, the new Volvo XC90 hybrid vehicle. As a plug-in hybrid, it gets superb fuel economy and has a heck of a lot of performance potential. By pairing the turbocharged and supercharged 2.0-liter engine with a powerful battery-and-motor system, it gets 455 horsepower.

The Audi Q7 has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that gets only 261 horsepower. This standard engine can help you achieve a top speed of 130 miles per hour. This engine is a good choice for those who want a daily commuter and don't mind the lack of a supercharged engine.

The 2023 Volvo XC90 has more standard safety technology than the Audi Q7. It includes automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alerts, and forward-collision warning. The Audi Q7 has some of these features as standard ones, like forward-collision warning, but the others are expensive add-ons.

Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7 Performance and Safety

Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7: Final Victor

In the struggle of the Volvo XC90 vs. Audi Q7, the Volvo SUV comes out on top. It has more dynamic engine options, a more appealing interior, and is easier to park and maneuver on the street. Our whole staff at Gunther Volvo Cars Coconut Creek is very proud to be able to offer the superb new Volvo XC90 SUV for sale to our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which costs more: 2023 Audi Q7 vs. Volvo XC90?

The 2023 Volvo XC90 costs more than the 2023 Audi Q7, but not without cause. The Volvo XC90 has much more cargo capacity than the Audi Q7. The Audi Q7 only offers 69.9 cubic feet of space with the second and third row folded. However, the Volvo XC90 offers 85.7 cubic feet of space.

Is the Volvo XC90 bigger than the Audi Q7?

The Audi Q7 has slightly more cargo space than the Volvo XC90 with 69.6 cubic feet of space. The Volvo XC90 has 65.5 cubic feet of cargo space until the seats are folded. The interior space available is much larger with the Volvo XC90 after the seats are folded. Both cars are over 190 inches long, but the Audi Q7 is almost five inches longer.

Which is more reliable: Audi Q7 or Volvo XC90?

The Volvo XC90 is more reliable than the Audi Q7 in safety, although the Audi Q7 seems to outperform in sheer power. The Volvo XC90 has more reliable safety features to keep you and your passengers safe, including automatic emergency braking, LED headlights with enhanced visibility, and flexible cruise control. You can expect blind-spot sensors to help prevent collisions.

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