Volvo Technology, Innovations And New Safety Features

When you sit behind the wheel of one of our Volvo vehicles, you'll feel the confidence and comfort of a driving experience created by hours of design, testing, and well-earned expertise. Tons of hours are poured into your car long before you ever press the gas pedal. In order to power you and your family forward in the safest and most secure manner, Volvo Cars rises above because of a deep desire to innovate and find the next edge.

Innovation Is What We Do Here in Coconut Creek, FL

If you're not gaining ground, you're losing ground. That's not just true for the world's fastest racecar drivers or during the anchor leg of the 4 x 100-meter relay at the Olympics, it's as core to creating cars as the blueprints themselves.

That's why we've set some lofty goals to reach over the next decade or so. Expect half of our annual global sales volume to be based on fully electric cars that provide the performance you can trust without the dirty drawbacks of fossil fuels. We'll continue to lead the industry in safety and take the reins as fully autonomous cars make their way to the forefront of the future of travel. Our strength doesn't just come from a lengthy lineage of cars built with care, but also on all of the eyes we always have trained on what's next.

The Highest Standard of Safety

When Volvo Cars first debuted in 1927, their first vehicles were designed with protecting the driver in mind. Nearly a century later, safety continues to be of the utmost priority to everyone that designs, tests, touches and takes part in the process of developing new Volvo vehicles each year.

However, the safety demands on the dusty, unpaved roads that forged American migration during the earth 20th century are a far cry from the busy streets you see today, free of horse-drawn carts. Autonomous driving technology is already a part of our driver-assistance features and promises to have an even greater influence on future models.

As the industry shifts towards a future dependent on something other than a driver to control the car, Volvo Cars will be leading the way in making sure this technology results in safe and secure vehicles. No matter where automotive trends are pointing, Volvo Cars has been and will always be about protecting the people inside our cars.

Fueled By the Future

As the arc of the automotive industry bends towards less of a dependence on fossil fuels, Volvo Cars will continue to shift each year's lineup towards a future filled with less harmful emissions through efficient and effective, fully-electric cars. Our first car that runs purely on battery power is available right now, the Volvo XC40 Recharge, as well as more models that employ alternative fuel sources.

Volvo Cars also has a host of services like Volvo on Call, Google Maps, and Google Assistant to keep you connected to your car before, during, and after you take the wheel. Never take your focus off the road for directions again and start and heat your car from the kitchen through these futuristic features.